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Private Office (big)

APARTMENTS offers co-working space for rent in the St. Sulpice district of Lausanne. The rentable space is divided into 4 private offices which can be locked via a secure key code system. Each office contains 2 work stations equipped with essential furniture. Tenants can also use the scanner for no extra fee.

FurnishingsA private office includes two work stations, each equipped with one desk, chair and roller container. For an extra fee, guests can make use of a multi-functional printer and coffee machine. A toilet is also available for guests.

ServicesWi-Fi is available in every office. Upon request and at an additional charge, tenants can upgrade their internet solution, order LAN, an HDMI adapter or a landline connection. The price includes cleaning with garbage disposal twice a week. A personal letter box is also included in the price.

  1. Ihr neues Büro im Kleinbasel


    CHF 1'290



    1. Stock

    65 m²

    Clarastrasse 55

    4058 Basel BS


  2. Büro


    CHF 1'300



    1. Stock

    Strada di Pregassona

    6963 Pregassona TI

  3. Ladenlokal mit Schaufenstern  im Zentrum von Rorschach


    CHF 1'280


    n. V.


    67 m²

    Hauptstr. 30 (Seepark)

    9400 Rorschach SG


  • Miete CHF 1'292

    Nettomiete: CHF 1'200
    Nebenkosten: CHF 92
    Zahlbar: monatlich
    Mietkautionsversicherung: ~ CHF 224.50/Jahr
  • Büro

    Fläche: 16 m²
    Nutzfläche: 16 m²
    Verfügbar: nach Vereinbarung
  • Lage

  • Inserate-Nr: 5253736
    Objekt-Referenz: St. Sulpice.Route de Vallaire 2.Large Private Offi

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